World War Z (ZED) Review (Spoilers)

Cool Running ZombiesFirstly I really wasn’t bothered about seeing this film because I could feel the disappointment looming in the air that had been left behind by the trailers and moreover the fact that unexplained disease/zombie apocalypses aren’t really in short supply.

I must warn you, on the way to see this film, rushing because I was late, I fell up the escalator leading to the cinema and really REALLY hurt my kneecap which did take some of my attention from the screen throughout the whole film as I could feel my knee swelling up as I sat trying to keep it still, so sorry if my ramblings aren’t very accurate.

Now to get started. There were some things I feel were missing from the narrative, some plot holes and general HUGE coincidences like;

  1. It would of been nice to see where Gerry’s family were taken when they were randomly thrown of the “safe” ship.
  2. How did Brad Pitt and the handless woman survive the plane crash?
  4. How the f*** did Gerry and that short haired-handless woman even make it to the research place in Cardiff when they had no map, no means of transport and Brad Pitt’s character had an almighty bit of metal jammed in his side.
  5. What are the chances of Gerry injecting himself with a fluid that didn’t kill him?

I’ve missed loads surely but these plot holes swept under the rug I loved the tension throughout the film I was on the edge of my seat quite a bit. The modern fast-running zombies are much more entertaining to watch than the gormless slow motion undead that we are all used to but some of the “dormant” zombies were a little comical with the random muscle spasms and vocal outbursts that did make me giggle. I remember one zombie that was just banging it’s head on the wall…

I loved the shakey hand held throwing you in to the action and there were some cool shots e.g the tower of zombies that wasn’t used in the trailer… oh wait it was… I liked the bit where the zombies knocked over and were running over a bus that wasn’t used in the trailer… oh wait… it was. Some of the zombies were almost too CGI’d which was a shame but on the other hand some did look pretty cool especially when combined with some cringe-worthy teeth clattering.

At the end of the day the all American hero Gerry played by Brad Pitt… was fit. NO. I mean was a generic American hero character, nothing overly interesting or loveable there, he just had a family and was obviously going to survive the whole time which means America prevails again. All the best bits of this film are viewable in the trailer, but the film does have slightly more to give, I wasn’t bored, the film went quickly and I was very much entertained the whole way through.

Thanks for reading. Sorry I didn’t find out the name of the short-haired-handless woman I thought it would reflect this random undeveloped character quite well.

About Alice D

Graduate Film and Media student from Kent. I'm currently a Marketing Administrator and love that my job is to be creative. Writing is my thing and this is where I write.

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